KORE Competitor Set Isn’t What You’d Think


KORE’s competitor dynamic is really quite interesting. You know, we have sort of handcrafted custom crafted a strategy here at KORE that is so remarkably different from anything we hear out there in the marketplace that it's really hard to pinpoint who who's a competitor. And given that our roots are in connectivity, the folks that some people would think are our competitors, MNOs or the carriers themselves, the satellite providers, those are really also our suppliers and partners. In fact, we at KORE are the largest customer for some of these carriers and satellite providers. So it's a really interesting dynamic. If a customer has high-volume data needs, in a very simple like one country, one carrier or one small region of a country, one carrier type model, they may well be able to find a solution directly from one of those carriers. And frankly, in those cases, we wouldn't compete because it just doesn't play to our value proposition; we would actually start to get interested in when the customer decides they need multiple carriers in the same country that they started in, certainly, as they go to multiple countries and need multiple carriers, that multi, multi, multi-value proposition that KORE’s Connectivity as a Service provides is very powerful, because it can take the needs of a customer to work with 20, 30, 40 carriers bring that down to one screen, one bill, one phone number to call and great, great support from KORE. So as a true global independent, even inside connectivity, I would suggest that we have a very unique value proposition when the connectivity needs are complex. If you now expand beyond connectivity into the solutions and analytics into that one-stop-shop for IoT. There really isn't anybody positioned that way. Again, if somebody wants just some managed service or just some analytic services, are there other competitors out there for that? Of course there are right. But there is only one company that offers to orchestrate across this environment to bring the entire power of the IoT ecosystem to bear with one goal in mind, which is to make sure that the customers end-to-end solution works and to reduce and accelerate their time to market as much as possible. In fact, the promises that if it takes you 18 to 24 months to launch an end-to-end solution, we would like to get it done in 18 to 24 weeks. That's why you start with one, you start with KORE.