KORE Unveils Third Generation of PRiSMPro M2M Management Platform

New Features Support Big Data Analytics and Reporting Demands of Higher Bandwidth Machine-to-Machine Applications

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- KORE, the world’s largest managed wireless network services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced the release of the third generation of its PRiSMPro™ M2M management platform. Specifically architected to provide a single interface for comprehensive and global control of M2M applications and devices across cellular and satellite networks, Generation 3 of KORE PRiSMPro features robust infrastructure updates to support big data analytics and reporting.

As M2M applications and devices become increasingly powered by 3G and 4G cellular networks, the platforms that manage them need to process and analyze large volumes of machine-generated big data. Built on a highly scalable infrastructure, Generation 3 of KORE PRiSMPro is designed to meet M2M big data needs with powerful reporting features, such as enhanced threshold monitoring for data, SMS and voice, including pooled plans and expanded notification options. In addition, PRiSMPro empowers organizations with enhanced analytics for multi-tier invoice forensics, comprehensive billing and usage report analysis, and the enablement of cost-based thresholds.

“Since its introduction, KORE PRiSMPro has set the standard for M2M device control and management, arming organizations with a one-stop portal for all their provisioning and billing needs,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE. “KORE continues to update the PRiSMPro platform to meet evolving market and customer demands. As a result, Generation 3 of KORE PRiSMPro now seamlessly meets the higher bandwidth needs of 3G and 4G devices, while providing customers with comprehensive analytics that help optimize the operational efficiency of their connected devices.”

The award-winning KORE PRiSMPro platform empowers customers with comprehensive control and management of their M2M solutions, devices and network usage, along with cohesive billing and reporting features. The platform includes both domestic and international network services solutions, customizable tracking of devices, and consolidation of all reporting, billing, network management and provisioning into one program along with several other important features, such as threshold monitoring, cost allocation and automated alerts.

KORE PRiSMPro provides a single management and billing interface for the KORE Global ConnectTM offering, helping lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of M2M services and improving device management metrics for cross-border, regional and global M2M solutions.

About KORE

KORE is the world’s largest wireless network provider specializing exclusively on the rapidly expanding global machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Providing unified control and management for cellular and satellite network service delivery in more than 180 countries worldwide, KORE empowers its application, hardware and wireless operator partners to efficiently deliver M2M solutions for connected devices across the globe. M2M applications in industries as diverse as healthcare, utilities, enterprise IT, transaction processing and fleet management rely on the KORE network to deliver operational efficiencies and cost-savings. KORE offers a range of technologies — including GSM, HSPA, CDMA EV-DO and LTE, as well as satellite services — that ensure the greatest possible reliability and coverage. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com.

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