Conversational Computing with AI Bots Is Now a Reality for Enterprise Sales & Service Teams

At Dreamforce, Kore Inc. introduces two chatbots built to help enterprise customers maximize investments in the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Kore Inc. announced the addition of its Smart Bot™ for sales as well as its Smart Bot for service – expanding its out-of-the-box solution bot product family to now include AI-powered bots built for the enterprise workforce. The announcement of these tailor-made solutions comes one month after the company introduced the consumer-facing Smart Bot for retail banking, and just in time for the largest gathering of enterprise sales and service teams – Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference.

Meet Kore: Your new personal assistant (PRNewsFoto/Kore)

The Kore Smart Bots for sales and service are digital assistants that work on behalf of individuals to:

  • Complete data-entry tasks such as creating a lead or case
  • Gather information like case or opportunity details
  • Look up contact, lead, opportunity or case details
  • Pull pipeline and forecast reports, and
  • Send actionable real-time alerts based on personalized filters

And all of this can be done in a fraction of the time it takes via a traditional software interface. The Smart Bots also remind staff to follow key business rules and take action at appropriate times, suggest missing data fields to include, and promote next steps from specific alerts, all from a conversational interface. With contextual short- and long-term memory, such as remembering an opportunity record in context as a sales rep chats with the bot to update multiple fields and add multiple contacts, Smart Bots further streamline data entry tasks and ensure no business-critical data is missed. The Kore Smart Bots include more than 40 pre-built tasks that a rep or support staff can complete within Salesforce's Sales and Service Clouds.

Unlike bots built to simply integrate Salesforce functionality into tools like Slack, the Kore Smart Bots were designed to complete work through natural language in any communication or collaboration channel people already use – e-mail, SMS, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and beyond. The Kore Smart Bots include out-of-the-box tasks but are built on the company's end-to-end Bots Platform as a Service (PaaS), enabling an enterprise to both instantly improve system usage and ROI, and easily extend and scale the Smart Bot's functionality to company-specific workflows.

"After years of working with enterprises across different industry sectors, we knew that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't work," said Raj Koneru, CEO & Founder of Kore, Inc. "A highly regulated commercial lending sales team uses a system like Salesforce CRM very differently than say an innovation-first, high-tech sales team."

The same goes for service and support teams in different businesses. Business rules, workflows, system integrations, and communication cultures are different – which is why these systems must be highly customizable.

Seventy-five percent of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry and not enough with customers. Yet only fifteen percent of businesses believe their lead and pipeline information is accurate, and close to one quarter experienced serious issues forecasting the company's revenue as a result. On the service and support side, the majority of organizations see real-time metrics as critical to service excellence, but less than 20 percent receive metrics the same day, let alone on-demand or in real-time.

With the new Kore Smart Bots for sales and service, every sales or service team leader can bring the simplicity and speed of conversational computing to busy reps, ensure timely, accurate and accessible data, and drive higher usage of the systems they spent billions to roll-out – all within 60 days or less.

The Kore Smart Bots for Sales and Service

A sales rep, sales manager, service agent, service team lead, or executive can converse with the Smart Bot as fast as they can type or speak a message. They can communicate with the bot via the sanctioned tools they use daily – company portals, SMS/text, email, enterprise communication and collaboration tools and consumer messaging apps. Built on Kore's Bots Platform, features also include:

  • Pre-tested integration with the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, plus simple API-based integration to other systems
  • Kore's Loebner Award-winning NLP engine and machine learning, which makes it an intelligent, 24x7 personal assistant to anyone that uses it
  • A full record of customer conversation history and contextual data, which can transfer across channels
  • Enterprise-grade security and analytics so brands can assure a safe purchasing environment
  • A customizable look, feel, and personality to allow a team's culture to come to life
  • The ability to continually extend the bots functionality using the Kore Bots Platform

Sales and service employees can engage with the Smart Bot to perform everyday tasks, including but not limited to:

Smart Bot for Sales

  • Create or update leads and contacts
  • Assign leads or contacts to specific accounts or individuals
  • Instantly view the details of a contact
  • Create events, schedule event reminders or get daily event and follow-up reports
  • Create or update opportunities
  • Get alerted when opportunity pipeline changes
  • View on-demand sales forecasts, opportunity, recent opportunity activity, account summary and account renewal reports

Smart Bot for Service

  • Create, escalate or update a case or ticket
  • Receive instant access to a full case or ticket details
  • View on-demand reports of cases assigned by individual, date and other parameters

Kore partners with enterprise customers from conception to deployment for a rollout that eases the complexity of entering a new technology arena, and eliminates the potential for failure. The 60-day implementation plan allows for proper time and support to scope and define what an individual retailer needs, optimize NLP, conduct testing and deploy the Smart Bot, making speed to market unmatched versus other solutions.

Kore is showcasing its Smart Bot for sales and Smart Bot for service in San Francisco this week at Salesforce's user conference, Dreamforce. Additional info is available at or

About Kore

Kore Inc, created to help people work and engage digitally in a simpler and more conversational way, is a pioneer in shaping how intelligent bots interact with the modern via a conversational dialogue. Kore's enterprise grade Bots Platform is the only end-to-end cloud or on-prem PaaS for designing, building, testing and hosting smart, speech-enabled bots for use in any channel, including text and e-mail, in a website or mobile app, and on popular messaging and collaboration platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Slack and Kore's own Messaging app. Kore also leverages its Platform to offer enterprises and consumers a store of more than 130 ready-made bots, and a family of out-of-the-box solution bots called the Kore Smart Bots™, including the Smart Bot for banking. These out-of-the-box solutions equip industry leaders to meet the dual challenges of ever-increasing customer expectations and non-integrated legacy IT and systems head on. With a pre-built set of tasks and a rapid implementation, organizations can get to market and recognize ROI faster than traditional models.

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